PreHunt App Features

Have you ever wanted a little help on your hunting trip or a way to connect with the experts out in the field. Now users can create Wanted Ads for "Free" asking local Licensed Guides or Outfitters in their hunting area for help. If you are looking for a private ranch to hunt, looking for a herd of cows, a guided hunt, or etc it never hurts to ask and it is “FREE.” Your Name, Phone #, and Email Address will be hidden from other users giving you privacy from your friends, and only PreHunt Certified Licensed Guides & Outfitters will be able to see your information. That way they can contact you and see how they can help you best. PreHunt has created a new and easier way for you to connect with the professionals in your area!!!


Wanted AdsFree to Post

You can post "FREE" wanted ads asking local guides and outfitters in your area for help. Maybe you don't know the area or you are having trouble locating a herd of cow elk. Create a "Wanted Ad" and put how much you will be willing to pay for the help from your local licensed guides and outfitters. They can offer a guided hunt or specific information to where you need to be looking for a specific animal or a group of animals. This new service will come in handy if you are nearing the end of your hunt or just do not have much time for your next hunt. Get the knowledge and the help from the experts in the field.

Hunting Land Leases

Search land leases available, explore the properties pictures and videos, get an understanding of the property before wanting to lease it. Unlike other websites, we charge the owner of the land lease to post the ad and not the ones interested in it. We feel the buyers should not be charged to get in touch with the property owner or manager because we know that there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. That would be like wanting to test drive a car, but having to pay a membership to drive it before buying. Doesn’t make sense. Sellers will also expose their land leases to more potential buyers increasing more leased properties.


New Ad Notification Text Messages

Receive an in-app notification when a new ad has been posted. Set the Notifications in the Advanced Search and select the Select a Location, state, species, and unit # you will want to receive these special notifications. This will be especially useful for the guides and outfitters.

Exclusively Built In-App Camera ***Only for Licensed Guides***

After years of developing, we developed a camera feature that PreHunt Certified Licensed Guides and Outfitters can use to take picture of the animals they want to sell locations to for their clients. Lets face it, not everyone wants a guide but they will pay a Guide for information or for them to help the hunter out. So Guides will be able to see what users are posting in the “Wanted Ads” section and help those uses out by selling these locations. This will help hunter out who are looking for an area where come cow elk were last seen or where they could become successful getting on a nice buck. This camera feature is exclusively designed to capture more than just the image or video of the animal. It also captures:

  1. GPS Coordinates
    1. a. Displaying to the buyer of the ad, the latitude and longitude of where the image was taken.
  2. Elevation
  3. Built in Compass
    1. a. Showing the direction and bearing the photo was taken so that when the buyer is at the secret spot, they can easily locate the ridge or hillside where the animal was last seen.
    2. *** Fool Proof Design ***
      1. a. Guides can only access photos that were taken with the app and they cannot sell images not taken with the PreHunt App. This is so false ads are not created and only actual Locations are sold to users. PreHunt believes in communication and wants the users to contact the sellers to feel secure about their purchases. Once the user purchases the ad, the ad will be deleted before anyone else buys it first. The buyer will then be sent the GPS Location and be able to access it through Google Maps showing where the animal was last spotted


Become a PreHunt Certified Guide or Outfitter

If you are a current Licensed Guide or Outfitter, you will be eligible to purchase a PreHunt subscription. With this subscription you will have access to the Names, Phone #, and Email Address to the users who create a Wanted Ad. This information is hidden to everyone else, but will be available to you. You will be able to connect with the hunters looking for help on their current or upcoming hunts. PreHunt Certified Guides and Outfitters are the only ones who can sell locations to users and you will gain this special access. Also we will brand your ads with a PreHunt Certified Guide or Outfitter Badge so users know that you are an actual Licensed Certified Guide. So don't wait and gain access today!!!

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