PreHunt Shed Hunting Tip

        Tips on shed hunting, the few things that I could give for advice on people learning on how to shed hunt , start by finding the feed, anywhere there is a lot of grass, the animals are coming out of winter and are looking for the best feed, also anywhere there is feed on a south slope, the snow melts off here first and thus is we're you will most likely find we're the animals will be, it's much easier for them to find feed here. Also look for cover around the feed this is were the Bulls feel safe and we're there bedding grounds are.
        The last thing I could give for advice is optics, I usually will sit in one really good glassing point we're I can see a lot of country and I will sit here for an hour or so and pick everything apart. Using optics is a very valuable tool for finding sheds. One last thing would be to slow down, take your time while hiking, it is very easy to walk by a antler, every step you take is a totally different angle from the step before. And the most important thing while doing this is to respect the animals, they have already had a rough time trying to survive threw the winter and do not need to be pressured during there most critical time, wait until they have moved back to there summer range before you go into we're they have been all winter. I hope this helps anyone that is getting into it.

By: Todd Compston - PreHunt Pro Staff

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